Advantages of acrylic materials for home furnishings Tim pattern

2016-11-23 09:40:57 cropsong 44

Since the reform and opening up, the domestic people's living standards have also been greatly improved, which in the affluent life, people also have a higher level of material requirements, which from the people of the home accessories, home decoration design changes can be clearly seen. Speaking of home appliances in recent years, we have to talk about the art acrylic material, this new type of acrylic home because advantages, and has been in the home design products frequently appear, but also for the development of home accessories industry has played a catalytic role.

What is acrylic material? Acrylic also known as PMMA or acrylic, is translated plexiglass, in Hong Kong basically call it Acrylic. Acrylic materials in recent years in China is very popular, by a lot of home designers love, in the home decoration has been widely used. Acrylic material is the first to open out of an important thermoplastic material in the international community because of the product has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, so in the construction industry is widely use. In China's 90s of last century, transparent acrylic materials began to enter the Chinese market, but more than a decade has been active in the field of outdoor advertising and outdoor decoration, until in recent years, acrylic household use the introduction of materials, acrylic materials have been valued, it was widely used in home, furniture products, into the thousands of households.

Which is acrylic home advantage? Some concerned about household goods consumers will find a lot of furniture in the domestic brands, home design can be seen in the acrylic figure, the reason why in people's daily lives as "often Off "to play out such an important role, the most crucial point is because the advantages of many acrylic home. Compared with glass, ordinary plastic materials and other materials, acrylic with environmental protection, non-toxic, good light transmittance, strong resistance, good corrosion resistance, etc., it is often used as a substitute for glass, Acrylic doors and windows and other fields, Acrylic aircraft windshield can be used in harsh environments for decades; In addition, the acrylic with easy dyeing, easy processing, the appearance of crystal clear and so on, in the home field has a very unique advantage.

Acrylic materials, color types, color types, toughness and hardness to be higher than the glass, the current development for household goods, home furnishings and home decoration of the acrylic plate cloth pattern has 40 because of its many advantages over other materials, acrylic materials are gradually being widely used in household appliances, military, aviation, medical, electronics, sanitary and other fields widely used, and but also by more areas of development and innovation. One of the most common is the aircraft windshield, artificial prostheses, high-end kitchen countertops and so on. From the past, wood, stone, metal and other materials consisting of simple home decoration, and now fly into the homes of ordinary people home acrylic, which is not only home furnishings industry, a leap in development, and this also Is a great leap in technology. In the near future, acrylic materials will be applied to more areas, bringing more unexpected surprises.

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