Acrylic and glass difference, acrylic = glass?

2016-11-01 08:25:29 cropsong 21

Acrylic and glass can be made into the same material as plates, and have good light transmission, if from the naked eye, the two seem to be no different. At the same time we can also see in the daily use of the two furniture figure, such as fish tanks and other furniture, often can not tell the acrylic and glass. Acrylic = glass? What is the difference between acrylic and glass? Let us understand the next together!

First, the difference between acrylic and glass - the difference between the material

What is the difference between acrylic and glass? First of all, we look at the material difference between the two. Acrylic is usually called PMMA, chemical name polymethyl methacrylate, and essentially no different from plexiglass. In fact, the acrylic is a thermoplastic material decoration style, is a kind of extracted from the deep-sea oil polymer. Acrylic many properties and plastic that is similar to plastic, but the stability of the stronger, more high-end quality.

Glass is made of a large number of materials made of silicate transparent solid material, the chemical composition of glass is generally Na2O · CaO · 6SiO2, the main component of silica. Therefore, the glass is different from the same with the acrylic polymer with the high-polymer plexiglass, that is, plastic. In addition, ordinary glass with the composition of some of the metal oxides or salt chemical substances, that is, transparent glass into a colored glass, such as colored glass cup picture Daquan and so on. At the same time, can also be fired through certain ways into tempered glass.

Second, the difference between acrylic and glass - characteristics of the difference

What is the difference between acrylic and glass? Let us look at the characteristics of the difference between the two. Acrylic transparency is very high, at the same time have good chemical stability, and easy to dye processing, the appearance is more beautiful. In terms of light transmittance, acrylic and glass have the same ability to light transmission performance, but the density of acrylic only the same light transmittance glass in general, visible acrylic material is very light, such as acrylic ceiling lamp shade and so on. Moreover, the acrylic drop is not fragile, hardness and strength are very good. In addition, the acrylic by external fuel for dyeing, which made of different colors of acrylic products.

Glass of light transmittance and acrylic materials into the same, but easy to break, while the tip is very easy to hurt, usually in the fight to create a glass coffee table models such as furniture will be treated to four weeks. Glass compressive performance is better, made of home-made crafts are more beautiful. In addition, the glass of the colorless and transparent, if made of colored glass, you need to burn in their own ingredients to add chemicals to change their chemical properties, thus "dyeing."

Third, the difference between acrylic and glass - the difference between functions

What is the difference between acrylic and glass? Finally, we look at the functional differences. Acrylic and glass are widely used. Such as handicrafts, or building materials. However, this type of home improvement building materials acrylic material is not fragile compared to glass drop, so you can more applications and outdoor sites, such as road noise screen, billboards, dome and so on.

While the glass is fragile, but both the light transmission performance and aesthetics are slightly better than the acrylic chip, so we can see the colorful Ambilight made of glass handicraft decoration, and high-rise buildings and vehicles are usually equipped with Of the tempered glass, mainly for wind and light. And in daily life, the use of glass far wider than the extent of acrylic, including furniture, decorations and so on.

Acrylic = glass? Acrylic similar to the plexiglass, and the nature of plastic for the glass, not the glass, need to be treated differently.While the acrylic glass is not the same as the glass, whether it is material, characteristics, or function, we can not be confused with acrylic glass. Do you have a deeper understanding of acrylic and glass?

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