To create a comfortable home environment when buy five elements of the acrylic bathtub

2016-11-09 11:18:37 cropsong 21

As the acrylic bathtub is made of artificial glass, so it is very good pressure resistance, but also wear, the surface is not easy to aging, so use more than three years of acrylic bath will be discoloration phenomenon, some brand manufacturers in the production When the use of imported high-brightness, high hardness of the special acrylic sheet, to a certain extent, will overcome the shortcomings of acrylic, we understand the above characteristics, you are not want to own bathroom pick a bed of rosy acrylic bathtub Here, let us look at the purchase of acrylic bathtub should pay attention to what the problem.

Acrylic bathtub selection points is a material selection.The first is to pay attention to the merits of the material, the same acrylic material, but the process is still a big difference in the choice of acrylic bathtub when the first thing to consider the merits of the material from the plate on the choice of bath, I suggest you choose thick A little, it is one, because it is so, it is also better gloss, feel better, firmness is also better, more like some of the market, if thinner, I suggest you buy a bathtub when you can try , Because you experience later, it has the feeling of falling, the kind of relatively thin, thicker bathtub, you step up very practical, strong, so that the quality is guaranteed, it is best to buy some big brands,professional Acrylic brand, how to buy products, the first to buy the quality, the second is to buy the service, the third is to buy after-sales, better.

Acrylic bathtub to buy two points to consider size.In the choice of bath specifications, I suggest that you first measure the size of their own home, and then select the bathtub, like a small bathroom to choose a small overall bathtub, it can be placed alone, the next one can be connected , If the bathroom a little larger, I suggest to choose some fan-shaped or round, so you can double bubble, looks very atmospheric, bath size and shape, these elements are the bathroom layout, the objective size of the decision, in addition to Consider the layout of the bathroom effect, should also consider the location and whether the understanding of the drainage, so the same size bathtub, its depth width and length are the same, if you like the depth of it, the location of waste exports to be higher, if too low , Once the water level exceeds this height, the water will flow out from the sewage outfall, depth of water is difficult to achieve the required depth, home for the elderly or the disabled do, it is best to choose some feet low, so the appropriate placement armrest.

Acrylic bathtub optional points three nozzle matching is the choice of bathtub, select the bathtub at the same time, but also select the nozzle, the choice of nozzle, be sure to remove to carefully observe, check the handle material is fine workmanship, and rubber are not intact, small bathtub accessories, Shower is also very important.

Acrylic bathtub Optional points Four check the drain valve. Drainage valve, its sensitivity, in fact, choose the bathtub, it is also very important for small details, such as water, we choose it is rotating unscrewed, once the hair is blocked, it can win down, very And then clean up and then put down, screw back can be used, and acrylic bathtub drainage valve are generally reprovisioned, this part is overlooked and the most prone to parts, consumers in the choice of bathtub, it should be Drain valve on the spot test equipment, check the switch is sensitive and reliable, open the drain valve cover, is used to block debris, and prevent the accumulation of debris under the water pipes can not be launched.

Acrylic bathtub optional points five non-slip design.Anti-skid surface design, the bathtub is our personal use, first consider its safety factor, which has some close to the lower part of the leg there are some small pimple, when used up, there is friction, the current market, most of the bathtub will Some non-slip steel design, the bottom of the bath so that the design of the bathtub is more humane, the majority of the current market will be in the bathtub at the end of the bottom plus some anti-skid design, bump design makes the bottom more humane, the user in the bath, do not worry Will fall, we buy bathtub, the bump should look at the material whether the rules of production, hand to touch the surface is not smooth and smooth without rough feeling.

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