Desktop storage need easy to get gray

2016-10-25 10:22:10 cropsong 20

Frequently Asked Questions: The most commonly used cosmetics are on the table, but the desktop is the hardest hit.

Incorporated purpose: easy to take, beautiful and clean, to maintain health.

Storage items: transparent closed acrylic storage box (with drawers), multi-layer design, allowing you to categorize the placement of various cosmetics. Perfume, lipstick, eye shadow, foundation and so can be layered display, one

Storage rack can not fit, you can use an independent acrylic box to supplement, you can also use beautiful cans and mugs as a cosmetic brush storage barrels, makeup brush can also be used transparent acrylic box, so clear, and good to take, more importantly : Anti-gray! Particularly suitable for large gray city. Want to put the dresser more beautiful, you can add points as a decorative green plants.

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