Custom design acrylic displays, SK Display is your best choice

2016-10-08 21:59:22 cropsong 36

SK Display Co., Ltd is an enterprise engaged in the production of acrylic (acrylic) products earlier in Dongguan over 10 years. With lathe, planing, milling, drilling, sawing, scrub, such as complete sets of production equipment, and a large oven, Clean silk screen printing workshop and large-format laser laser cutting machine and CNC computer engraving machine, high-precision screen printing machine, capable of drilling acrylic, trimming, profiled cutting, hot bending forming and surface spray sand, fuel injection, rinting and other professional processing, and can achieve high-precision multi-color printing on acrylic. Independent hospital plant in Dongguan processing capacity among the best, especially for telecommunications products (mobile phones,MP3 / MP4) acrylic display rack, acrylic cosmetics display rack, acrylic glasses display stand, acrylic desk calendar, acrylic ballot box, acrylic computer case, acrylic frame and other large orders to undertake a very strong capacity. SK Display Co., Ltd has more than 10 years of experience in acrylic nufacturing, and has a strong capability of self-development and production capacity. And strive to provide customers with fully equipped,product quality services to further reduce the customer's procurement costs and improve customer procurement efficiency. Warmly welcome new and old customers contact with us and visit the factory!

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