What is Acrylic

2015-05-18 08:29:28 cropsong 49
Acrylic is a transparent material like glass , but also opaque colored . Also known as plexiglass , using a wide range cosmetics exhibition, shop display of props backdrop of acrylic fonts acrylic light boxes and so on. "Acrylic " the word may sound very strange, because it is a near several years come to appear in the new term continent. Until 2002, its advertising industry, furniture industry, handicraft industry will gradually by a few people understand . "Acrylic" Is a transliteration of foreign words in English are ACRYLIC, it is a chemical material chemical name is called " PMMA " belong propylene glycols, commonly known as" special treatment
The glass " in the application of its raw materials industry is generally in the form of granules , sheet, pipe and others.
Acrylic sheet and acrylic " glass" is derived from the English Organic Glass. In some areas in recent years all made of transparent plastic sheet statistical known as plexiglass. In fact, this is wrong, Acrylic are specifically referring to pure acrylic polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) materials, PMMA sheet and acrylic sheet.Characteristics and advantages of acrylic sheet acrylic with high transparency , light transmission rate of 92% , the " plastic crystal " reputation. And has excellent weather resistance , in particular,It applied to outdoor , ranking the highest in other plastics , and both a good surface hardness and gloss, processing plasticity, can be made into a variety of shapes and products needed. Another sheet of a wide variety of rich colors (including semi-transparent color palette ) , and the other is characterized by thick still maintain a high level of transparency .

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