How to choose the different kind of sample display stand

2017-09-01 09:37:17 cropsong 17

Enterprise customers how to choose a different kind of sample display, in order to more economical and more reasonable to build samples.

Before we share the "how to more rational use of display stand", teach us according to their own products, positioning samples placed, to select the sample display stand, today we talk about, according to the type of procurement samples display, general customers We can focus on to recommend the track sliding door sample display stand, this product is characterized by small footprint, display products, the customer's product weight and severity of the product, the display of the product, Different, you can also choose the orifice plate or slot. Track sliding door type, you can move around, and cut off the sliding door similar to the multi-layer structures, in front of the product display does not affect the back of the product. Enterprises can according to their own field size, let us tailor-made.

Sample display stand selection is reasonable, a direct impact on the product display effect, of course, there are display of the procurement costs.

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