What Method Works Best Adhesive Acrylic Panels?

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Acrylic chemical name for polymethyl methacrylate known as PMMA or acrylic, derived from the English Organic Glass ( PMMA) , is an important development earlier plasticity polymer material with good transparency , chemical stability and weather resistance , easy to stain , easy processing , beautiful appearance , has been widely used in handicraft industry.
Pure acrylic light transmission of up to 95%, with crystal- crystal quality , so a lot of acrylic products are the same people as the crystal products to look and collection. How to show the characteristics of crystal clear acrylic , reflecting the sense of the value of acrylic products , acrylic products to maximize the quality and taste , bonding technology has played a pivotal role here.
Acrylic products often through cutting, grinding, polishing , bonding and other processing technology, and the bonding process is a very acrylic products processing Key link. Fastness adhesive surface , transparency and rationality bonding process have a direct impact on the quality of acrylic crafts . An exquisite , crystal clear acrylic products will be sincerely loved people , and a rough process and the lack of beauty of acrylic products will not cause the slightest interest in people , bonding process will have a direct impact on beauty and quality acrylic crafts.
Acrylic plate bonding process is mainly affected by two aspects : First, the applicability of the adhesive itself. Second bonding operation skills. BONLE brand products specifically for the 3094 glue acrylic, plexiglass, PMMA and other plastic bonding material and design, with moderate viscosity adhesive power, easy to operate, fast curing, after curing excess glue sticky dust, sticky , good flexibility, high transparency, non-white, non-yellowing, no fog, no bubbles, good weather resistance and other characteristics, in order to achieve the adhesive acrylic plate when needed fast operating speed, strength, no bubbles, transparency the ideals of good bonding effect.
Uv acrylic glue board how to best operate?
1. To prevent contamination of excess glue glue uv acrylic sheet, can be affixed stickers without adhesive way to protect the site.
2. Grease, dust or porosity affects uv glue layer applied uniformly and leave bubbles must be carefully removed before bonding.
3. Uv bonding glue such as the amount is too small, it will cause the glue shrinkage during curing, into the air bubbles.
4. The indoor temperature and humidity and other factors also have an impact on the bond acrylic products.
5. Surface stress and degradation stress 5. acrylic plate surface, caused by the cutting tool, will affect the bonding effect of acrylic products.
6. Acrylic material selection, avoid the use of recycled material on the market made of acrylic material.
7. UV intensity light transmittance acrylic materials and different powers of different uv curing lamp, complete curing time different, should be preceded by a lot of good manufacture small quantities of test, in order to grasp the empirical data complete curing time. Also that action should be careful and slow. Working slowly and deliberately.
When we use acrylic adhesive glue 3094, the first thing to do is to put Wipe clean acrylic surface, preferably using cam to achieve bonding, the adhesive member is not shaking, so conducive to enhancing the bonding quality. A thickness of less than 3 mm cross-section from the side of the adhesive can be used syringe uniform and slowly inject glue 3094, irradiation with uv light curing adhesive 1-2 minutes to complete. Adhesive thickness greater than 3 mm, can pad into fine wire, utilizing the principle of capillary action to complete the sizing, sizing after irradiation with ultraviolet light before curing lamp out of wire, or can be used to not have to stick to the site-tape protection, leaving the glue water parts with glue, and then ramp into the acrylic plate out of the bubble. Irradiation with uv light curing adhesive 1-2 minutes to complete. These are just a stick with one method of acrylic products uv glue, there are many other bonding method, the bonding method is not the same, the key is the user to be skilled birth clever, try different bonding methods, their products find a suitable adhesive processes.
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