How To Identify Acrylic Sheet For Sanitary

2015-10-07 10:31:33 cropsong 50
Now a new acrylic bathtub, has been increasingly recognized by consumers. But the market has three acrylic sheet: special acrylic plate ware, ordinary acrylic sheet and ABS acrylic composite board.
Because the material itself has some defects for last two acrylic sheets, the chemical name is not actually acrylic methyl methacrylate, or "plexiglass". Special acrylic sheet for sanitary because of its excellent surface finish, the wear resistance equivalent to aluminum, easy to rub hair and easy cleaning. If you scratch the surface accident occurred, as long as a polishing agent, you can quickly and easily trim removed. Since then the sheet itself has some flexibility, even if the surface is subject to certain collision unlikely to be broken, In addition, special sanitary acrylic sheet there is a strong corrosion resistance and transparency, and because the pigments can be integrated into the plate, and thus its color is very stable, long-term light sun and rain will not fade. Therefore, special sanitary acrylic sheet in addition to being used for indoor and outdoor decoration, but also widely used in various other sectors. Should manufacture bathtubs, bathtub and other sanitary ware.
Common acrylic panels due to its low hardness, heat resistance is poor, low elongation, so easy to crack, fragile, easily deformed, and the color is unstable, prone during use fuzzy. The molding of a large bathtub, usually because the bottom of the drawing, it is prone to color changes, you can usually see the bottom corner of the "white", "yellow" and other discoloration.
The ABS acrylic composite panels are made of ABS board composite board made of acrylic adhesive on both sides. Thus it is easy to cut at the cuff ware(ie edge)is observed. Since the ABS acrylic composite panels are bonded together two different materials, thus leading to inconsistent shrinkage, long-term changes in the hot and cold, it is prone to delamination. Again, since the ABS plate surface only tenths of a millimeter thick acrylic so its stability and wear resistance are poor, when molding is also easy to have a "white" or other discoloration.
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