Acrylic Paperweight Is A Important Way To Promotion Your Business

2015-09-15 14:03:41 cropsong 43
In the past, the most comomon paper weight that are glass paper weight and crystal paperweight. But now many style of acrylic paperweight are seen in our daily life. Because acrylic is a strong, versatile plastic material that can be painted and decorated, easy to form in any shape and size. 
Some acrylic paper weight consist of two piece of acrylic block and then finished by hot-pressing machine, finally form into one whole acrylic block. Some simple acrylic paper weight just silk print some picture or word on the acrylic block. 
With these fashionable and remarkable acrylic paper weight placed on your desk, undoubtedly a very good personalized gift which express the recipient's personality and interests.
Many companines use acrylic paper weight in their business widely due to its fashions and novelty. They put their logo into the acrylic block, or insert their product model in the acrylic, and then present them to their customers or just place them on the countertop which can catch your customer at the first glace with a strong impression.
Thus, acrylic paperweight is becoming a important way to promotion your business. SK display is a professional acrylic display and acrylic paper weight manufacturer, you can send us your coloful business logo, product model, artwork, postcard, photograph etc, to us we can help you to creat a personalized business gift.
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