The Tips Of Using Acrylic Display Shelves

2015-09-08 15:54:42 cropsong 52
Acrylic display shelves with lights and creative advertising, giving the overall feeling of luxury, high-grade, acrylic display shelf beautiful shape, crystal clear, and more to highlight the company's brand image, and thus increase their visibility. Acrylic display shelves with light transmission and visual effects than higher characteristic, is now the preferred business commodity display shelves. Acrylic display shelves with expanding use of widely used especially in cosmetics, jewelry, digital products, watches, glasses, high -grade commodities, If used improperly in the process will affect the acrylic display shelf display of results, let's discuss the matter when analyzed using acrylic display shelves together to pay attention.
1. Acrylic display to be used at a concentration of about 1% when the shelves clean soapy water, the concentration is too high or the use of special cleaning agents will damage the surface of acrylic display shelves , display shelves reduce gloss surface, visual effects. At the same time, the choice is not easy to pay attention to clean soft, lint-free cloth , avoid using a hard object or dry rub, acrylic display surface to prevent scratches.
2. Acrylic display shelves in use need to be careful not to exposure to organic solvents. Acrylic display shelves because raw acrylic plate itself is an organic compound , an organic solvent so will damage acrylic display shelves.
3. Acrylic display shelves of acrylic material is very prone to soft scratch, installation and transportation process is the need to be protected with a protective film to the business use, as far as possible not to hit a hard object, draw all acrylic surface, in order to avoid scratch, so the general plant design, the front is generally used to affix Inkjet translucent, so that we can put an end to the positive scratching problems can also play a presence.
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