High quality acrylic photo frame studio's most popular photo frame material

2019-11-22 09:04:11 cropsong 15

After taking a wedding photo, the beautiful photos are of course placed in front of the bedside table, which is indispensable for the photo frame. The photo frame not only protects the wedding photos, but also makes the wedding photos stable and more beautiful. What is the best choice for the wedding photo frame? Let's take a look at their materials.

The solid wood photo frame is the wooden photo frame we said, made of wood. The most common wood materials are pine, paulownia, fir, and the like. The wooden photo frame will give off the scent of the faint wood, and it will give a very warm feeling when placed in the house. Solid wood photo frames also come in different colors. Newcomers can choose different colors according to the decoration style, photo style and their own preferences.

Acrylic photo frame is a relatively popular photo frame in recent years. Currently, it is mostly white and black. The acrylic photo frame process is more complicated, but it can be stored for a long time and is not easily corroded. Because the acrylic photo frame is glossy, it can give a very high-end feeling, whether it is placed in the living room or the study is a good choice.

The oil painting frame has a strong sense of classical and traditional, and it is also very literary. If the interior decoration style is classical, it is very suitable for this oil painting photo frame. The oil painting photo frame is very convenient to take care of, not easy to break, as long as it is consistent with the style inside the home, it can create a sense of coordination.

The above is the more common types of photo frame materials. When new people choose a wedding photo frame, they can consider it in many ways, in order to find a suitable photo frame.

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