Analysis of the use of acrylic custom products

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When we enter the mall, we are greeted by the products placed on the display stand. Under the background of the lights and the display stand, most of us would like to buy goods. The display stand of this effect is mainly made of acrylic. Customized. The display cabinets made by Acrylic have good impact resistance and high wear resistance, and there will be no fog on the display cabinet in winter.

Many of the products that are currently made by Acrylic are used in our daily lives, and the effects of the use are very good, not just the display case. Here are some of the uses for acrylic custom products:


Mainly to make waterproof and transparent features when making outer packaging, such as: light boxes, signboards, signs, display racks, etc.

2.Engineering aspects

Mainly used in large-area lighting requirements, such as: shop windows, soundproof doors and windows, lighting hoods, telephone booths, etc., which require a lot of lighting.

3.Transportation industry

At present, the doors and windows in the trains, cars and other vehicles that people take are custom-made by Acrylic. Such doors and windows are more robust and wear-resistant, which enhances the service life of doors and windows.

4.Medical applications

Acrylic custom-made products are widely used in medical applications, in addition to the hospital's intensive care unit doors and windows, etc., but also for baby incubators, various surgical medical equipment, residential supplies, bathroom facilities, crafts, cosmetics, brackets, aquariums and so on.

The above is the use of acrylic custom products, in fact, its use is not only these four aspects, but also the computer field, jewelry and so on. It has the advantage of more intuitively reflecting the performance of the product, and many merchants will choose it as their sales assistant. Its research has helped us advance the times and provided us with an era of higher technology. If you would like to know more about plexiglass display stands, you can visit or contact us!

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