Acrylic luminous characters, acrylic light boxes, acrylic products toxic?

2018-05-28 11:36:34 cropsong 37

Now a lot of shop decoration are also concerned about environmental protection, the production of acrylic light boxesacrylic panels, as well as a variety of acrylic material engraving, advertising type, there is no poison? In the normal temperature, the acrylic sheet will not gas to what chemical reaction, the molecular structure is the temperature comparison, no poison. In junior high school, high school we are learning chemistry, we also have basic knowledge of chemistry, the basic chemical type believe that many of the friends are to understand, as well as the main constituent elements. 1. Chemical formula: Poly methyl methacrylate (MMA, acrylic monomer) 3. Melting point of about 130-140 ° C (265-285 ° F) than glass about 1000 degrees of high temperature is much lower.Through these three points we can more clearly see: at room temperature, acrylic is not a chemical reaction, so at room temperature, acrylic is not toxic, then many of my friends will worry about high temperature Under the acrylic will not respond to it, generally our indoor and outdoor temperatures up to 40 degrees, we do not need to worry about, we provide acrylic luminous characters, light boxes, and products are finished products do not need to re-processing, so Is also non-toxic when the acrylic sheet when burning, we will smell the smell of unpleasant, of course, when the temperature exceeds 130-140 ° C, in the case of aerobic on another matter, it will be a chemical reaction. High school time to learn chemistry, so that the probability of burning completely less acrylic, so basically acrylic combustion will produce harmful gases. This I have experience. Acrylic in the case of full combustion, generate carbon dioxide and water. In today's acrylic A lot of life can be seen everywhere, large to large supermarkets outside the use of acrylic luminous characters, small home to the acrylic frame, etc. Now people will be made into a container of acrylic containers.Of course, when we are concerned about the acrylic Will not be toxic. Acrylic material things to stay away from the burning point. Acrylic material type of furniture, jewelry, a variety of decorations are used more than the whole is relatively safe, but the acrylic sheet In the high temperature processing, and the production time, are required to bring a mask, as well as attention to ventilation, like our factory to laser processing some words, as well as acrylic sheet,you can Smell something, winter And the summer when the workshop is not able to open the air conditioning, the need for major good ventilation in the production of finished products, these are basically will be dispersed, so the acrylic products are generally odorless, and non-toxic, we can rest assured Use, but still try not to let children touch, and intimate contact.

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