Cabinet countertop acrylic and composite acrylic profiles of the difference

2018-05-14 16:50:14 cropsong 26

In our daily life, the cabinet countertops with acrylic and composite acrylic two types of profiles, and cabinet countertops acrylic and composite acrylic profiles have their own outstanding features and advantages, so these two advertising materials are almost the same price, which What is the choice of cabinet decoration cabinet acrylic or composite acrylic better? In this advertising trading network Xiaobian I will come to tell you about the difference between these two profiles, we come together to find out about it.

The main material of the countertop countertop sheet is made of methyl methacrylate (MMA, the main material of denture) and high-quality aluminum hydroxide powder. The whole sheet is free of resin and only methyl methacrylate. The product is colorful, the consistency of internal and external quality, environmental protection and the integrity of its finished product in one, at the same time, with high hardness, good strength, impermeable discoloration, easy to crack, color stability characteristics; best choice.

Cabinet counterweight acrylic sheet is a substitute for high quality resin plates. The material is added in the high quality resin by about 20% of acrylic, aluminum hydroxide and 65%, and other materials are about 2% (depending on the color). The composite acrylic combines the advantages of a resin plate with a pure acrylic plate. With the elegance of natural marble, granite hard and delicate wood and warm feeling, while colorful, non-radioactive, the use of security, but also the major brands of cabinets pushing a class of countertops.

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