Transparent acrylic, the ultimate beauty!

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The invention of acrylic materials has been around for more than 100 years. In our daily life, both daily necessities and home decoration are increasingly seen.

Acrylic is also called PMMA or plexiglass. It is derived from English acrylic and its chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate. It is a representative of high-quality polymer organic plastics, with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing and beautiful appearance. Because of these good performance, it is loved by more and more designers.

1. Excellent transparency

Acrylic has crystal-clear transparency and a light transmittance of over 92%. It is similar to glass, soft and clear, but it is not as brittle as glass. Even if it is destroyed, it will not form sharp fragments like glass. The use of acrylic materials in the design of the luminaire and the versatile shape of the acrylic surface make the projection of the light of the luminaire more attractive and rich.

2. Good processing performance

Acrylic sheets have good processing properties and can be either thermoformed or machined. More organic forms can be achieved by using acrylic materials in the design.

3. Good color development

Acrylic materials can be colored in a variety of colors, uniform in color, and have a good color development effect. Moreover, it has excellent weather resistance, wear resistance, high surface hardness, and is suitable for furniture making materials and interior decoration.

Because acrylic colors can be matched with transparent or translucent effects, colored acrylic materials greatly increase the fun of the home.

Acrylic is a modern material that is very good in performance and can be matched with many materials.

This kind of material with good light transmission, chemical stability, wear resistance and easy processing is tried in the field of design that has not been used. It may have unexpected effects.

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