Analysis of the production of acrylic signage

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Acrylic signage is what we call the signboard, refers to the visual effects marked signs. In concept should be called plate signs. Because people put the plate signs as signs of the form, so later through the East and West exchanges, and gradually have a real sign of the nominal meaning. The following is a detailed description of the production process of acrylic signs, together to find out.

Acrylic signs of the production process Detailed: Acrylic sheet bonding is the processing of acrylic products in a very critical process, how to show the acrylic clear and transparent characteristics, reflecting the value of acrylic handicrafts, the maximum Improve the grade and taste of acrylic handicrafts, bonding technology in the production of electricity signs in the process of playing a pivotal role.

Acrylic board bonding is mainly affected by two aspects, one is the applicability of the adhesive itself; Second, the bonding skills.

At present there are many domestic and foreign market adhesives, there are two types, one is two components, such as Wan Nengjiao, epoxy resin; there is a single component, such as CCl3 (chloroform). In general, a two-component adhesive is bonded by a curing reaction, and a one-component adhesive is a solvent which is finally volatilized to achieve adhesion.

Two-component adhesive is characterized by good bonding effect, no bubbles after bonding, no white, high strength. The disadvantage is that the operation is complex, difficult, curing time is long, slow, it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of mass production. The general characteristics of single-component adhesive is fast, to meet the production process requirements of bulk products, the disadvantage is that after the adhesive products prone to bubbles, easy to white, poor weather resistance, which directly affect the acrylic products Of the external aesthetic and product quality, therefore, in the processing of acrylic products, how to choose the right adhesive, improve the grade and grade of acrylic products, bonding process must first solve a big problem.

In addition, the bonding technique is also very important, we are common in several bonding process, a simple analysis of their practical experience.

1, the acrylic signage docking, the two need to dock the acrylic plate on the platform, close, and stick a tape at the bottom, leaving a gap of not more than 0.3mm wide to prepare the adhesive The With a syringe to the adhesive from one side slowly and slowly from the gap into the until all filled, to be completely cured after the tape can be removed.

2, acrylic signs face adhesion. Facade bonding is the most widely used a bonding technology, in the production of a variety of acrylic products are widely used. First, wipe the surface to be wiped clean. It is best to use the mold to achieve the bonding, so that the adhesive does not shake, help to improve the quality of bonding. The thickness of 3mm acrylic plate bonding, can be pad into the fine wire, the use of capillary action to complete the bonding, in the adhesive before the extraction of metal wire, or can be used adhesive tape, and then paste the adhesive method stick.

3, the acrylic signs slanting adhesive. Adhesive slope must use 90o angle and so on, in order to prevent the displacement of the sticky face. Binder the adhesive should be uniform and slow. To be completely cured before they can be removed by the mold.

4, acrylic signage plane bonding. Plane bonding is a relatively special bonding method. First, the surface will be wiped clean, and placed horizontally, in the above note the amount of adhesive. And the other side of the acrylic sheet is slantly contacted with the acrylic plate to be coated with the adhesive, and then gently lowered down, and the bubbles are discharged from the side to complete the bonding. Acrylic adhesives can erode the surface of the acrylic plate and leave traces that are difficult to remove. Therefore, it is possible to protect the parts that do not need to be bonded by sticking the adhesive tape. Grease, dust or pores can prevent the coating of the adhesive evenly and leave the bubbles. Too much use of the adhesive will cause the adhesive to shrink into the air. Direct blowing will make the edge of the adhesive surface due to the evaporation of the adhesive and white. Indoor humidity, temperature, etc. have a direct impact on the bonding of acrylic panels.

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