Plexiglass can solve the technical difficulties of curved cover

2017-11-21 17:12:28 cropsong 33

According to the music bee network survey data, 91% of mobile phone users expect no border phone experience, but with the current 3D / 2.5D narrow frame phone rise, due to 3D / 2.5D reinforced glass cover high cost, low yield, limited shape The reasons for mobile phone manufacturers looked timid, a huge market vacancies for many manufacturers looked away.

Can not deny that the world's first borderless phone is SHARPAQOUSCRYSTAL. This phone is not sold in the country, but it is worth mentioning that its curved touch cover. Production base in China. China has a mirror cover a number of process patents, and access to the aerospace system certification production aircraft touch panel module, accounting for 70% of the global passenger production,  as early as 2013, the use of its optical lens patented technology, with domestic and foreign mobile phone brand Manufacturers to develop and produce 2.5D / 3D lenses, and for this project to invest 30 million US dollars to establish the arc plate automatic production line and after the process of processing. Of course, the relative glass mature process, plexiglass cover plant, product front-end design and development of forming lens advantage is very important, the latter part of the touch screen for customers to prevent the problem to solve the problem is also indispensable.

The curved cover will be applied to 8 to 12 precision machining processes, highlighting the plasticity of plexiglass lenses. As for the cost of the product, it has a professional team, strong manufacturing capability, excellent quality competitive advantage to serve customers.

Relative to the glass, its high security, low cost, light weight, easy to shape the advantages of cooperation with customers in the first narrow frame after the phone market, many domestic brands mobile phone manufacturers heard from. Hoping to develop more products to meet the current consumer demand for mobile phone appearance. This application is not only used in the phone "borderless" on the expected future wisdom of all families in the touch products include aerospace, medical, car networking integrated terminal products, technical resources will always run at the front.

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