Use plexiglass to make a variety of crafts

2017-12-11 14:54:41 cropsong 30

Plexiglass (acrylic), made of monomer polymerization, is colorless and transparent and has a light resistance of the plastic, light transmission rate of 92% or more, it is easy to color the surface, it is very suitable for the production of various colors, the other surface hardness , And the mechanical strength is also high, so prolonged exposure to the outside, it will not appear yellow phenomenon, the disadvantage is insufficient impact strength. Plexiglass processing is generally based on injection molding and extrusion, and can also be used to manufacture all kinds of handicrafts. Mainly used for optical instruments, lamps, building materials, etc., because with a lot of ordinary glass and the same characteristics, it can also replace the use of ordinary glass.

Plexiglass because of its plasticity, can be used to produce all kinds of acrylic handicrafts, the existing glass processing plant processing methods are mainly paste method, hot pressing method, mosaic method, vertical grinding method, broken grinding method, hot simmer several.

(1) paste method: the plexiglass cut into a certain shape, the paste on the plane made.

(2) hot pressing method: the plexiglass sheet heating, and hot in the mold in the hot forming, the use of this modeling method can be made after the crafts have a full shape, smooth lines, and three-dimensional sense of strong, With a relief effect of beauty. Need to use hot-pressing die for hot pressing, hot die can be used sludge, wood plastic, and then cast lead, gypsum material for yin and yang mold, plexiglass can be heated after the molding.

(3) mosaic method: the different colors of the plexiglass were cut into the shape of the shape just shape, and then the floor inlaid with each other, can be made together. This method has high requirements on the interface, the need for seamless stitching, angular alignment, color clear, so that the color contrast can be obvious, but each other integration.

(4) vertical grinding method: the stick-shaped plexiglass or thick plate-shaped plexiglass bonding, directly on the grinding wheel grinding, polishing molding. The craft produced by this method is similar to a sculpture, and is composed of a colorful surface shape that constitutes a unique artistic image.

(5) broken grinding method: the plate-shaped plexiglass overlap paste together, and then directly cut the surface molding. This method is made of crafts can get color change, muddy natural effect.

(6) hot simmer method: the plexiglass processing to a certain shape, the plexiglass heating, directly by hand quickly nest, kneading molding.

Several methods can be combined with the use of alternating, according to the actual needs of acrylic handicrafts, set the best production program.

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