How to put the showcase

2017-11-14 10:26:54 cropsong 28

Clothing showcase management should ensure that the goods on display shelves have the exact area and space, but also for the sales staff shelves, delivery of goods, clean supply lunch.

Small shops facing the door to set up the installation of clothing equipment, clothing showcase is not a problem, it is necessary to form the field according to the store space, the type of business to calculate the fair isolation interval, sub-channel should not be less than 1 meter. Jewelry Showcase production usually said that the main channel should be between 1.5 meters, clothing closet between the isolation interval should ensure passenger traffic.

Cultural relics shop Bogut showcase, to use glass refrigerated racks, fruit shop box showcase, some valuable goods on the showcase safety procedures there are extraordinary requirements, some customers can directly look at the goods, makeup bundle shop eyebrow Showcase, all according to the characteristics of their respective types of business to manage. Bookstore platform showcase, in the management of the more customers to provide full convenience. Paint showcase in the mall in the wind of the goods are extraordinary, mainly that can be stacked, hanging, vertical, horizontal, bulk, etc., the ancient Chinese medicine shop drawer showcase. Whether it is cabinet showcase, cabinet showcase, box showcase, eyebrow showcase, etc. are used to place the difference of goods, so that if Ruoyouruowu, the fastest news to the customer news, a group of a showcase separated Isolation and distribution of the different types of sales, with showcase display products than the pendulum to the abundance of business space, to stimulate and strengthen the purchase of determination; but also the sales staff to provide customers with a high standard of doing business fundamentally operating equipment. See the store to operate a variety of goods, so that customers choose. So that customers into the store business hall may be formed along the showcase channel network.

Acrylic It has high strength, does not split, does not fade, high plasticity, abrasion resistance. In the foreign value cheaper than the glass and other benefits. Should be equipped with transparent plexiglass equipment, plexiglass 19th century has been created to make it bend, folding, cutting and die casting, all kinds of reinforced plastics, synthetic wood and other related materials, box-type clothing showcase in order to dust, making it use In the store showcase accessories, is also gradually promote the application. Have an excellent display effect. Early production of poor wear resistance of the shortcomings have also been improved, because it is forming a safe, which is easy plasticity of the benefits of glass, according to good mechanical, showcase of the old material is wood, metal (steel, aluminum), glass.

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