What is the specific thickness of the transparent acrylic sheet?

2017-10-26 09:30:11 cropsong 26

There are many kinds of acrylic panels, each of the thickness of the acrylic plate is different.

Acrylic in accordance with the process divided into two kinds

1. Extruded board ordinary thickness 1.9-10mm size can be made thickness tolerance is small but the board is very easy to mold processing so the application of limited

2. Casting plate ordinary thickness of 2-25mm with a fixed size of the thickness of the relative thickness of the extrusion board is a larger board toughness can do plastic

Transparent acrylic specifications are their own, the size can be customized, the thickness can be customized, the thickness from 0.5-20mm, the length is free.

Plate: thickness x width x length = 2 ~ 30mmx1220mmx1850mm / 2440mm; thick * width * length = 40 ~ 150mmx940mmx1500mm; bar: 6 ~ 200mm

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