Acrylic light box customization and process introduction

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Acrylic light box features: the cost is cheaper, easy to make, highlight the advertising theme, bright colors eyeful, variety, no time limit, publicity time is good, so loved by customers. At present, with the growing market demand, manufacturers of acrylic light boxes are more and more manufacturers. In the selection of the appropriate manufacturer of acrylic light box manufacturers, to understand the acrylic light box production process is necessary.

1) acrylic light box production materials:

Keel: wood or angle iron or aluminum alloy production.

Light source: two sets of fluorescent tubes.

Panel: plexiglass color plate or PVC color plate.

Stent: Triangle iron frame.

(2) acrylic light box production of commonly used tools: electric drill, cross screwdriver, screw nails, hacksaw, shovel hammer, pliers, nails, latex, scissors, wire saw, plexiglass glue.

(3) operation process points:

Design: the required design requirements to develop a good light box size, color, font arrangement of the primary and secondary changes in the text, placed sideways. Also depends on the installation site to develop the bracket. Calculate the size, font, and color of each word on a design basis.

Keel: generally hexahedron. Material: 20 × 20 or 30 × 30.

Angle iron: conditional self processing, unconditional external processing.

Wood: with 2 × 2 cm square wood for the nail.

Cutting: length and width of the four, long, wide size are minus 0.5 cm = wood long. Two saws 2 × 1 tenon, apply white latex paste and then nail. Thickness minus two material thickness + 0.5 = thickness length. And then wipe the white latex nail with nails.

Aluminum material: aluminum cabinet with aluminum, high, wide, long size unchanged. Saw into a 45 degree angle, with plug-in connection.

Ann light: the general use of fluorescent tubes two or three. 40W1.2 meters long lamp, with more than 1.3 meters light box. 30W lamp 0.9 meters long, used in 1.1 meters above the light box. Thickness is generally 20-25 cm.

So negotiate with customers, we must consider the organic board (specifications are 1830 × 1200mm) to save material problems, consider the length of fluorescent tube problems.

Installation, the lamp at both ends of the lamp with a screw to install the lamp, do not fire, the ballast will be placed in the next, do not fire the best test after burning with glue. The power cord is connected with the circuit of the ballast, and the wire is thickened at 0.7mm and 0.8mm with the wood frame according to the fluorescent lamp ballast.

Board: white bottom of the majority, sub-white, white and white two kinds of plexiglass plate. General love with magnetic whiteboard: First, white magnetic board, white face: the second is the remaining material can be processed with small words, or creamy paste with no, red at the end of red, blue end of anti-blue, benzene plate word can not do, The Light box with a hook knife to cut the board, length and width dimensions are smaller than the wooden box 2-3mm.

On the board: nail (15mm), the first drill with a drill drill, or hard nail love crack, nail in the most edge 5mm can be one meter long nail three or four can. 20mm wide side plate only nails can be nails. In the side of the drill hole to wear out the wire.

On the aluminum: with 20 × 20mm aluminum angle, the width of the width of the plexiglass plate than the big 2mm. Aluminum horn head by 45 degrees angle sawing, screw nails are nailed in the 20mm thick side, the front includes regular script. People can not see nails

Paste the organic words: according to the design of the text arranged in the light box on the gently hit the grid, the word is correct, and then paste with plexiglass glue, paste there are two ways, one is sticky organic glue drops, the other with Medical needle, suction organic glue, gently inject the edge. The second is better than the first. Check whether the wrong word, out of words, anti-word, check whether each word sticky, there is no missing.

Clean: with a small piece of clean cloth, dip the water, and then squeeze the toothpaste are rub, are rub, and then stained with a piece of water, a large area of  rub, the water is not easy, cloth wet can.

Installation work order:

Design bracket - cutting - welding by - fixed - installation light box.

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