About the maintenance of acrylic display

2017-10-30 11:13:22 cropsong 23

With the exhibition industry now widely, and now a lot of acrylic display has become the application of important products, acrylic display has a lot of advantages, but also shortcomings in the advantages and disadvantages of how to get good maintenance?

Acrylic display is equivalent to glass products, is not able to use some of the more hard to clean things to carry out the damage to clean up, the acrylic display itself is very sensitive, can not afford to scratch, as long as there is a slight friction will give acrylic The display frame to bring the surface smoothness of the damage, so clean up the acrylic display when the need to use relatively light things to wipe, such as with chicken hairpin, or rinse directly with water on it, so you can be more moderate to the above Dust removed, if the above is still more difficult to clean things, you can use some cleaning agent to clean and then wipe with a soft cloth can be, in fact, and glass cleaning is more similar.

In order to make the acrylic display frame looks more smooth, you can in the acrylic display of the surface of a waxing link, use a little waxing solvent for polishing and waxing, and then slowly wipe with a rag to open, so that it will appear more acrylic For smooth and bright.

If the surface of the acrylic frame has been scratched or less of the existence of the phenomenon, so do not have to worry too much, you can use some adhesive on the surface of the adhesive so that he will be relatively flat, in the case of adhesive formation should also use the next step Said the polishing waxing, so that the overall will not appear to be flawed or scratched.

For the acrylic display of the polishing is a more important issue, if the acrylic display of the scratches and wear level is relatively low, the first is that you can use some of the polishing on the surface of the liquid polishing can be, and finally as long as the wipe More uniform on it.

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