How is the acrylic bending?

2017-10-09 10:07:49 cropsong 31

Acrylic products after the hot bend will be more soft, more complex shape, no bending after the joints, the body smooth, beautiful visual appearance, long deformation and fracture. Widely loved by people, so now a lot of acrylic products in the production are required to go through the hot bending.

In the hot-bending process, according to the different needs of the shape, there are two parts of the local Rewan and the overall Rewan.

The overall hot-bending process is to heat all the acrylic panels, this step is the need to enter the oven. In the process of the need to put the acrylic products into the oven, when the temperature inside the oven rose to the melting point of acrylic, the acrylic plate will slowly soften, and then take out the acrylic products placed on the mold, and finally slowly cooling will be doc on. At that time need to pay attention to is that the temperature of the oven is also need to control the live, not a one-time rise too high. After the hot melt of acrylic encountered cold air back gradually hardened, and began to shape.

While the local bending is the acrylic products in the hot bending process is more commonly used in a. The most common is to bend the curvature of the candy bar to a curvature, like a round, curved and so on. There are also some of the more troublesome local wrinkles, such as bending an acrylic at right angles, but the hot bend at the smooth arc. This process is in this hot bending to tear off the stickers attached to the acrylic board, with high temperature die rod will be hot bending acrylic edge of the hot melt, and then use the external force bent at right angles. This is the edge of the acrylic products is a smooth arc at right angles.

Acrylic bending is also applied in many ways: for example:

1. Architectural applications: window, noise doors and windows, light mask, telephone booths and so on

2. Advertising applications: light boxes, signs,  exhibition and so on

3. Transportation applications: train, car and other vehicles, such as doors and windows

4. Medical applications: baby care box, a variety of surgical medical equipment

5. Civilian: bathroom facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, stents, aquariums and so on

6. Industrial applications: instrument panel and cover, and so on

7. Lighting applications: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lights and so on

8. Home applications: fruit plate, tissue boxes, acrylic art paintings and other household products

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