What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic Bathtubs

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The official name of acrylic bathtub is fiberglass reinforced plastic bath (acrylic ACRYLIC English homonym ). Its surface material is methyl propyl methacrylate, opposite covered fiberglass, coated with special resin reinforcement. Whole bathtub should uniform color, smooth surface, no delamination, bubbles. Surface layer thickness of 3 mm or more, and the combination of solid and glass fiber, no peeling.
Acrylic bathtub heat slowly, so good insulation, the contact surface without "cold " feeling. Compared with cast iron or steel tub, more of a "warm, soft" feel, the pain will not touch the body. Due to better performance acrylic reprocessed, so manufactured luxurious Jacuzzi.
Acrylic bathtub bottom should be paved when installing sand cement paste, can not fly alone or several support points, so as not to break. Use should prevent sharp or hard objects bump friction, soft cloth and mild detergent when cleaning wipe, hanged scouring pad. Once a rub hair with a soft cloth to wipe the toothpaste, restore luster.
Transparent furniture has been the presence of non-mainstream favorite way to avant-garde Petty offers a variety of personalization options. However, last year yielded several glass furniture burst events, people on the transparent furniture yearn although there are still a lingering fear. "Fragile" has become synonymous with transparent furniture, how to be assured of a transparent way to go? Look at the recent selling in the market quietly up alternative transparent material furniture is how hard to us!
Acrylic is a byproduct of the oil extracted from the deep sea. In fact, careful understanding of acrylic this material, you will find not so magical, it is also a kind of plexiglass, transparent common mobile phone display.
Although also a glass, but acrylic glass was not so "fragile", impact resistance 200 times stronger than ordinary glass, almost without breaking. It varies with the thickness of the load-bearing varies, thicker and stronger. Reporters in the interview process found a transparent acrylic dining table was very thorough, a change in choice of stainless steel and other glass furniture is usually better material bearing on the anchor, from head to toe using the all acrylic, visible Its affordability unusual. Acrylic has a hard side, but also has flexible features, it is very suitable for modeling, corner radian can be achieved through technology. Its thermal performance is also better than glass, not glass "Lengkudaodi", but it also led to its cooling capacity is relatively poor. This material is most afraid of sharp objects to scratch, but it is also very easy to repair scratches, ordinary white toothpaste wipe.
1. Feel: high quality acrylic material feel mellow, smooth, and without perspiration, fingerprints.
2. Thickness: thickness of the acrylic weight range of rigid standards, 8 to 12 cm thickness are common.
3. Uniformity: uniform color also determine whether or not the standard one acrylic or bad.
4. Hardware: good quality but aesthetically pleasing hardware is essential for transparent furniture. Poor hardware is likely to cause prolonged use of incomprehensible, rusty, inflexible and other issues.
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