Acrylic light box, okay? It can be seen from these 5 points

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Acrylic light box, its chemical name is methyl methacrylate, which is the high-purity acrylic that we have heard in our daily life, that is, a light box body made of acrylic sheet as the main raw material. Acrylic sheet itself is An excellent material, the light box made of acrylic sheet has a high-gloss surface and is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. It is suitable for outdoor use and has a long service life. Acrylic light box is not good, the following small series will answer for you from these 5 points.

Acrylic light box features

Among the many light box product categories, the light box that belongs to the superior product has an acrylic light box, which has the following characteristics:

1.We all know that the acrylic light box is a light box made of acrylic sheet. The acrylic sheet itself is a kind of superior raw material. Therefore, the light box made of acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance and is suitable for each. It is used in a climatic environment and is resistant to wind, sun and rain. It retains the original performance of the town after long-term use.

2.Acrylic sheet is a colorless and transparent plexiglass material, the degree of light transmission is more than 92%, therefore, the light box used to make it has a strong transparency, the display effect is very good.

3.Acrylic sheet is an environmentally-friendly sheet type. Therefore, the light box used for it has excellent environmental performance. It does not release toxic gases when burned, and it will not affect long-term contact with the human body. The health of the human body.

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SK Display Co.,Ltd

4.Acrylic light box has good processing performance. When we reprocess it, we can use mechanical processing or hot processing. If there is a need to decorate its surface, we can also It is surface treated by silk screen, spray coating, vacuum coating, and the like.

5.Acrylic light boxes have excellent comprehensive performance. Acrylic light boxes have a wide variety of products, and their colors are very rich, which can meet the consumer demand of consumers.

The above is a good introduction to the acrylic light box, I hope to help everyone.

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