What should I do if the acrylic lampshade turns yellow?

2018-11-27 14:55:45 cropsong 11

Nowadays, whether it is a home building or an industrial land, many lightings are made of acrylic lampshades. Because of the stability and safety of acrylic, you will find acrylic plastic lampshades everywhere around us.

What is acrylic?

Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, is chemically known as polymethyl methacrylate. Because its light transmittance is similar to that of glass, acrylic can also be made into a lampshade product. Acrylic is a plastic polymer material, so it is better in weather resistance, high temperature resistance, flame resistance and stability than other materials. An ideal material that is easy to process and easy to dye. However, because acrylic is relatively brittle, it is easy to spend and its toughness is worse than other materials. Acrylic granules are mostly used in the production of acrylic sheets, acrylic lampshades, acrylic stationery display stands and other acrylic products.

Why does the acrylic lampshade turn yellow?

When the acrylic lampshade is used for a long time, it will age. One phenomenon of aging is that the inside of the lampshade turns yellow. Therefore, it cannot be found that the lampshade at home will have a yellow substance after being used for a long time. This layer of material or the high temperature of the bulb causes the inside of the lampshade to change. Either because of environmental factors, dust or soot is on the surface of the lampshade, the acrylic lampshade we use often turns yellow.

What should I do if the acrylic lamp cover turns yellow?

If the surface of the lampshade is yellowed due to dust or soot, it can be cleaned by cleaning with a detergent. However, if the lampshade turns yellow due to aging, this layer of yellow material is already difficult to clean with detergent inside the lampshade. Usually if the yellow cover is not thick, you can use polishing to remove this layer of things, but if it is too thick, you can't, just change another one. If the aging speed is slow, the number of years of using the lampshade will increase. There are many PS lampshades on the market, which are called acrylic lampshades. There are also many acrylic lampshades that are inferior in raw materials. The aging of these two lampshades will be faster, so the lampshade is also used. If you have any questions, you can communicate with you.

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