What kind of material does the jewelry display stand choose?

2018-01-04 12:09:07 cropsong 49

Jewelryitself, the value and grade of the reasons, so the jewelry display stand also belongs to the product display on the material selection requirements of a higher class. Relative to the general product display stand, jewelry display stand is not only a simple product placement, display, pay more attention to the display of the value of the product itself contrast. This kind of display frame commonly used in the production of materials generally have the following: the first is the acrylic sheet. Acrylic display stand in recent years with the rise of the exhibition industry and the application of increasingly extensive display props. It is a chemical synthesis material, has excellent transparency and processability, is currently the most common use of the display frame production materials, has been widely used in cosmetics, jewelry, tobacco, digital products, and other areas of product display The The use of acrylic plate production of the display can be a good set off the jewelry of the smart crystal, luxury quality, with good visual effects. The second is wood, leather. Wood, leather is a special jewelry display rack production often used in the material, especially in the display of some special significance or particularly valuable jewelry. The third is steel. Steel is a more traditional jewelery display frame made of materials. Including stainless steel mirror, drawing stainless steel, etc., are more common use of materials. But because of the traditional and the reasons for the production process, many businesses have begun to gradually abandon the full steel display stand, but only for jewelry jewelry frame display frame structure. Jewelry display rack as a bearer of jewelry, if it can be designed properly, both can successfully establish a good brand of jewelry business image, but also can successfully deepen the ordinary people in the jewelry business brand awareness and memory. At the same time can get is that a very beautiful jewelry showcase or can improve the sales of jewelry this product. So a good design of the jewelry showcase not only need to be ingenuity of the design, but also need to choose the appropriate high-quality raw materials to showcase the essence of the design can be reflected in the perfect.

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