Color acrylic plate specification

2017-12-28 14:56:27 cropsong 26

Color Acrylic Sheet As an important building material for the development of earlier, the color acrylic plate has a history of more than 100 years. In order to allow more people to understand what material Acrylic, today we will introduce you to the color acrylic board specifications and density and color acrylic plate price bar. Acrylic use is great.

First, the color acrylic plate What is the material: acrylic is the English translation of acrylic, that is, plexiglass, is a long history of thermoplastic materials. Because of its strong stability, good transparency, in the construction field is very popular. In fact we usually see the acrylic products impure, not the real acrylic products.

Second, the color acrylic plate: color acrylic plate refers to the 'methyl methacrylate monomer' polymerization from the plate. Acrylic board specifications are divided into 1.22 * 1.83m, 1.22 * 2.44m, 2 * 3m, 1.25 * 2.5m several types. While the density of the acrylic plate will be based on the weight and volume of acrylic to calculate.

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