SK Display 6 big advantage - to create a new pattern display industry!

2016-09-17 17:29:07 cropsong 43

In recent years, with the development of acrylic (PMMA) processing technology improved, and now the new acrylic material has filled a number of industries, such as the advertising industry with its production of billboards, lighting industry with its production of sparkling ornamental value excellent lighting, etc., and whether or decorative building materials, acrylic (PMMA) plays a significant role.


However, currently available acrylic (PMMA) products with different kinds, good and bad quality, so that consumers do not know how to choose, and SK Display the production of acrylic (PMMA) products, high-end quality, excellence, high bid, with its exquisite processing techniques and design skills, began to occupy an increasingly large share of the advertising craft market, has broad marketing, create a new pattern display industry. These and SK Display has the following six major advantages are inseparable:

1, Material Advantage: Acrylic (PMMA) material having a light transmittance of 92% or more, and high mechanical strength. Light weight, resistance to ultraviolet light and outdoor aging excellent electrical performance characteristics.

2, the advantage of experience: 10 years to focus on Acrylic (PMMA) manufacture, has a wealth of manufacturing experience, the use of modern digital technology, as well as car, plane, milling, drilling, sawing,, flower beds, sanding, drawing, and other complete sets of production equipment to produce high-quality products.

3, the quality advantage: In order to better improve the products and customer service, customer Jin Hui also accepts a variety of customized designs or sketches related to us as a reference, we can provide a variety of customized, reliable product quality.

4, reputation advantage: Shenzhen Jinhui show "people-oriented, common development; the pursuit of excellence, to achieve win-win situation; reasonable operation, pay attention to efficiency; the pursuit of perfection, the customer first" philosophy, to meet the different needs of customers from all over the past decade, the service thousands of customers, customers can witness the honor.

5, the production advantages: Acrylic (PMMA) material processing a wide range of different effects processing technology, is also different, SK Display can choose the best method to use paste based on different customer needs, vertical milling, grinding segments law, the Mosaic law heat simmer hair, hot pressing and other processing.

 6, service advantages: Shenzhen Jinhui display can be customized on request in accordance with drawings and samples provided by the customer, you can also use binding corporate image and product design custom tailored for you, from design, proofing, production, transportation, sale range of services, good service, fast response.

SK Display As a company specializing in acrylic (PMMA) products design, processing, production of professional manufacturers, bringing together a large number of the acrylic (PMMA) industry development, services many years of engineering and technical personnel, dedication to community service. Providing acrylic box, acrylic display stand, acrylic photo frame, acrylic cosmetics display stand, Acrylic data frame, acrylic tobacco display, Acrylic glasses display stand, acrylic jewelry display, acrylic mobile phone display stand, acrylic signs, such as acrylic (PMMA) Display shelf products, and provide customized acrylic display stand.

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