Custom design acrylic brochure holder are effective your business.

2016-04-13 13:58:07 41

You may think about how to stand out your brochure,so that they are easily visibly and taken by your customers. Naturally, brochure holder are the most effective and professional ways to display your brochure.There are many kinds of brochure holders made of wood, metal, cardboard and even bamboo, but the best economical and also eco-friendly brochure holder should be acrylic brochure holder because it is highly transparent and easily fabricated.


Acrylic brochure holders include hand-made acrylic brochure holder and injection mold brochure holder according to the fabrication terms. For hand-made acrylic brochure holder,each acrylic piece by way of cutting,folding, hot-bending and gluing and finally fabricated together. While injection mould acrylic brochure holder are produced in mass with injected mould.  


Usually,acrylic brochure holder come in different size,but the most widely applied kinds are identified in common sizes such as A4, A5. A extensive range of these standard sizes are generally available throughout the market coming from single pocket to multi tied variations. According to the placement ways, there are wall mounted acrylic brochure holder, counter acrylic brochure holder and floor standing brochure holder.


Frequently,some companies want to brand their particular brochure holders with the logo or business message, and screen printed these information on these acrylic brochure holder. The customization of brochure holder are perfect for marketing applications because they are usually cost-effective marketing and advertising tools.

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