Acrylic Luminous Characters In Advertising Production And Characteristics

2015-12-08 09:43:56 cropsong 28
In the outdoor advertising industry, acrylic luminous characters billboard strengthened played in the functional advantages of saving energy saving and environmental protection, the increase in electricity savings in the advertising industry to reduce the white pollution situation appears, played a transmission light and advertising The purpose, the following analysis of the acrylic luminous characters billboard features:
First point: technical methods perforation: For use in acrylic billboards, according to the connection processing in the installed system, strengthen the play of processing functions in welding firm resistance welding stability and high functionality.
The second point: Plug lights advantages: for acrylic light word processing performance of manufacturers in the stretch of the electrician, according to a strengthening in the installation process of making stable point in the processing of acrylic billboard lights, the strengthening in transmission of electrical energy in low cost and energy-saving features.
The third point: the strong connection processing performance advantages: performance acrylic installation for processing, according to the enhanced corrosion resistance and water resistance of the connection line features waterproof and high temperature processing functions to enhance the power The connection processing functions durable advantage.
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