Skill of UV Glue Gluing on Acrylic

2015-05-11 09:19:21 cropsong 56
Using UV glue is wide-ranging in acrylic factory .Now we introduce the gluing method and skills on plexiglass plate. It mainly depends by two points:fitness for use of adhesive and the bonding skills.
1.Facade adhesive bonding is the most widely used as a bonding technology. First a surface to be bonded should be wiped clean .It is the best to use of mould to adhesive to avoid shaking which will help improve the quality of bonding. For plexiglass plate byond 3mm thickness adhesive can be insert a wire ,the bonding is completed by capillary action ,Take out the wire before the glue soliddifying. Or can be used a protection tape on no need gluing area, leaving parts use the adhesive, then put the plexiglass plate to forced out of the bubble.
2.the flat plane of the adhesive bonding is a special bonding methods. First, wipped clean and placed horizontally the sticky surface on the surface of the injection appropriate amount of adhesive. The contact with the other side of the diagonal of a plexiglass plate is coated with adhesive plexiglass plate and then even slow down , extrusion out the bubble and the completion of bonding.
3.Mould must be used adhesive bonding slant cam 90 -degree angle to prevent the sticky surface of the shift. Adhesive coating should be even and slow. After soliditying it can be removed by the mold.
4.Butt-joint plexiglass plate horizontally on a platform close, and stick a tape on the bottom , leaving a wide gap below 0.3mm to prepare coated adhesive use. Then the adhesive evenly with a syringe injecting slowly from the side, It can be peeled off the tape until all completely filled.

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