How to judge the quality of acrylic?

2020-01-18 08:40:48 cropsong 26

As a plastic polymer material, the application of acrylic in the construction industry is now more and more extensive. Nowadays, various acrylic products such as acrylic boxes are on the market, and it is not easy for people to choose high-quality and suitable products. In this regard, I will come to discuss with you how to judge the quality of acrylic.

1.Observation method

The so-called observation method, in fact, is based on the characteristics of the material of acrylic itself. In general, we need to observe whether acrylic has a problem of severe fading or low gloss and not transparent. If it exists, it means that the quality of acrylic is not good.

2.Light transmission method

What we need to know is that the principle of the light transmission method is that the acrylic light transmittance is extremely high and the light after the transmission is positive white light, which does not absorb the identification method derived from the light color. The acrylic box can generally be illuminated by the light. The light, if it is found to be yellow or blue, is a problem.

3.Hot melt method

The hot melt method is also called the pasting method. The principle is that the adhesion of the good acrylic sheet to the secondary acrylic sheet is different. Acrylic sheets of lower quality are more difficult to separate after being melted together, and good quality acrylic sheets are easily separated.

4.Touch method

I believe everyone knows that the good acrylic surface is bright and the hand feels a kind of gelatin. If there is lime on the surface, there will be some small pores in the face. Such materials contain more calcium and have poor toughness. It is.

There are still a lot of methods related to the quality identification of acrylic, and the above is only a part of it. In the process of selecting products, we hope that you can use the above content as a reference to select products that truly satisfy you. In addition, more information about acrylic display cabinets or plexiglass display stands, please contact us!

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