What are the requirements for the production of acrylic display stands?

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Acrylic is widely used in various industries because of its good ornamental, easy processing, easy dyeing, etc., such as shopping mall display stands, signs, logos, light boxes, etc., as the demand continues to increase, the market Constantly expanding, what are our requirements for the production of acrylic display stands?

Acrylic display stands commonly used in a paint display stand: no bubbles, no dust, no hanging marks, no orange peel. The lacquer surface should be flat, smooth, and have brightness, etc., used for some high-end merchandise display, to set off the noble and gorgeous goods. In addition, in the shopping malls and other large display platforms, in addition to the display racks, a large number of display cabinets are used. Acrylic display cabinets are often used on the islands and back cabinets. It is the most commonly used display case.

Acrylic display rack production

First, the requirements for the specific production of acrylic display stand:

1.When pasting, pay attention to be clean, do not bring in dust, or sprinkle the glue to avoid affecting the glass display effect.

2.The glass is divided into clear glass and ultra-clear glass. It is recommended to use ultra-clear glass, but the price of ultra-clear glass is more than double that of clear glass.

3.Note that the tempered glass should not hit the corners of the glass. Once the glass corner is struck, the glass is easily broken.

4.The glass requires tempered edging, and the low cabinet needs to be rounded to avoid bumps.

5.Glass paste, glass paste is very particular about, generally with glass glue (silica gel) paste and paste with a shadowless glue.

Acrylic display stand display

Second, the acrylic display stand must have a strict quality management system to ensure the quality and process of the product. Only by grasping the management, can we truly ensure that the quality and process of each batch of products meet the requirements. So how do our quality inspectors grasp the quality?

1.Unparalleled outdoor weather resistance, the panel is coated with high-concentration UV absorber, and the metal base is sprayed with imported automotive paint, which can last for a long time, does not fade, and has a service life of 5-8 years.

2.The transparent plate is crystal clear and transparent, 200 times that of glass products, and there is almost no danger of breakage.

3.The surface gloss is high, smooth and flat, the light transmittance is as high as 93%, the light transmission is excellent, the light is soft and dazzling.

4.There are transparent, translucent, milky white and a variety of different surface effects, using a new polyester material, through hot bending or flat edging, metal base built-in light source, very visual impact.

5.Excellent processing performance; thermoforming to create a visually significant signboard, logo processing is simple, cost reasonable. The craftsmanship is exquisite, the full font is mirror-finished, the base is not wrinkled, no seams, all the riveting is not exposed.

6.Green environmental protection, waste materials can be completely recycled, recycling is simple and easy. The light transmission performance is good, the light source product is reduced correspondingly, the electricity is saved, and the use cost is reduced.

7.Excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance. The product has good protection for the built-in light source and prolongs the service life of the light source.

8.Good chemical resistance, better than most other plastic materials.

9.Easy to clean, maintain, ensure that the appearance of the signboard, light box is new, reasonable design, rain and moisture, open structure, easy to repair.

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