How to maintain the acrylic display stand?

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The application field of acrylic display stands is very extensive, and it has been enthusiastically sought after by people. Because of its high transparency and very low cost, many places

Will use it. However, when it is used, it will inevitably cause the surface to be dirty, so everyone needs to deal with it in time. How to maintain the acrylic display stand?

First. If there is mildew on the surface of the acrylic display, you can easily wipe the surface with soapy alcohol and then wipe it again with sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide.

Once, until the mildew disappears, finally use clean water to wash.

Second, if you accidentally drop red ink onto the acrylic display stand, then you don't need to worry. If it is just dripping on it, you can use the cold water to clean the display.

Then, place the acrylic display stand in the soap solution for a while, then rinse it off with water. If it is a long-lasting red ink stain, then you need to use it first.

The detergent is cleaned, and then the 10% alcohol solution is used to wash the stained area and it can be easily removed.

Third, if it is ink stains, you can mix the rice grains and detergent and spread them on the acrylic display stand, then rub them with a little force, then rinse them with water. Of course also

It can be rubbed repeatedly with a certain proportion of blended alcohol and soapy water, which can also be cleaned.

Fourth, if it is some ballpoint pen oil stains, use a soft little brush to pick up some alcohol and gently scrub. After the ballpoint pen oil dissolves and spreads, soak the acrylic display stand in the cold water.

Brush it with soap and apply it several times to remove it.

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Perhaps because the acrylic display stand is relatively inexpensive, many of the friends use it in peacetime without paying special attention to maintenance, and there will be a lot of dirt on it. If you want to make acrylic

The display stand maintains good aesthetics and can be maintained as described above.

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