Acrylic products in the four most commonly used printed logo printing method

2018-01-31 10:45:41 cropsong 34

1, Silk screen: silk screen is generally used for a single color simple logo printing, because the operation is relatively simple, it is the most common acrylic printing method of printing, is also cheaper preferred printing method.

2, Inkjet paper: similar to our common stickers, the pictures printed directly on the acrylic products above, you can paste very neat, completely avoid the inside of the bubble, the unit price is relatively cheap, but the use of time is not long, the shelf life of one Year or so.

3, UV printing: also known as 3D flat color printing. Apply to the complex color of the acrylic product, not easy to fade scratches, print out the surface feels like a sense of convex.

4, Micro-carving: also called marking. Apply to the uneven type of sheet, micro-carved after the color as frosted as transparent, but also on the color to make the logo more obvious.

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