Acrylic photo frame, placed there is the scenery

2018-01-15 09:18:46 cropsong 33

Why have a glass photo frame, plastic photo frame there will be acrylic photo frame market? What is the charm of acrylic as the stand out?

Acrylic transmittance of up to 92%, better than the transmittance of glass, the memorable pictures into the acrylic frame will be more clear and natural, into the living room or bedroom will be a landscape.

Acrylic products strong resistance, not brittle, this advantage relative to the glass frame can be said that the deadly, acrylic frame is not more fragile and more secure, especially children and more places, it is particularly important.

Light weight than glass half, than the same volume of material quality is much lighter. So large-scale photo frame with acrylic plate production, it will be a lot lighter, hanging, moving, handling will be more convenient and quick.

Color variety, can be processed into a variety of forms, about 180 ℃ can be shaped, which is not comparable to other materials. Plastic photo frame will not be so upscale, a lot of poor light transmission, although the light is transparent glass, but fragile, unsafe, more serious shortcomings are obvious.

These are the reasons that acrylic photo frames can stand out in so many material photo frames because the acrylic photo frames not only make up for the lack of other material photo frames but more importantly the acrylic photo frames are placed there and it is a handicraft. SK Display Co., Ltd is very successful in making acrylic picture frames. The frame made out of it is elegant and gorgeous. The design of the shape is more unique and must be your best choice.

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