What should we pay attention to during using acrylic ?

2015-04-29 10:27:44 cropsong 67
We often use acrylic material during the producing of luminous words. How much do you know acrylic material? Let's introduce some points for your reference:
First,Acrylic is made ​​of polymethyl methacrylate cresol. P-cresol containing polymethacrylate polar side group which has strong hygroscopicity and water absorption. So the acrylic sheet must be kept dry, it's needed 78 ℃ -80 ℃ dried 5-6h.A heat distortion stability ordinary acrylic plate of about 100 degrees , so the use of acrylic products must pay attention to this temperature ,it should not exceed 90 degrees if continuous using.
Second, The hardness of the surface is equivalent to aluminum acrylic products. It should be careful to avoid the surface scratched during the producing or using. If found scratched, it can be restored the original luster by polishing.
Third, Minor scratches or static electricity generated by the adsorption of dust caused by unclean acrylic products can be blurred or moistened with soapy water at 1% soft rag with which can be wipped clean.
Fourth, Acrylic products need to be aware of the details during the assembly, because the acrylic sheet has a coefficient of expansion ,It must take into account the acrylic sheet expansion and contraction factor in assembling a certain time scalable to leave space gap when installed.
So after reading the above description , Do you have more good ideas for how to use the material Acrylic? 

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