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How to deal with when acrylic products are dirty?

Acrylic as a new material filled the market, one of its advantages is green, compared to ordinary glass or plastic safer, more durable, so this is the reason for the rapid development in recent years. Plexiglass acrylic materials in the hotel, exhibition, home and advertising signs and other industries have been widely used.

Acrylic material is a common application of a large number of acrylic products are used, so some of the problems on the acrylic is also surfaced, such as: how to deal with when acrylic products are dirty?

1. Can not use rough cloth to wipe, wipe a long time there will be scratches and fog, and use cotton or velvet cloth sticky toothpaste patience to polish, and then rinse with water, the more rub the more bright.

2. If only the surface is dirty, have to rinse with water and then wipe with white oil.

3. If it is scratched phenomenon, it is necessary to use a professional polishing machine polished.

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