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Why is the price of acrylic display stand higher than other materials?

For those who often make purchases for display stands, the purchase price of acrylic display stands often makes people feel that the acrylic display stand is more expensive than others. Why are the same size display stands so expensive because of the material problem? This kind of problem is really confusing, and people who don't know how to do it are naturally incomprehensible. What factors are currently affecting the price of the display stand?

First, the impact of cost on prices

The cost is the most important factor to ignore. The cost here mainly refers to labor costs and material costs. With the current economic level rising, the proportion of labor costs in the current production of enterprises is getting higher and higher, and the rising wages of workers are also doomed to increase the labor costs allocated to the production of products. In terms of materials, different drawing sizes and material requirements require different hardware, lighting, decoration and structural materials. The difference between the materials also causes the price difference of the finished products.

Second, the impact of costs on prices

The cost factors affecting the price of the display stand mainly include the installation fee and the transportation cost. The display frame is usually transported by the goods from the manufacturer to the merchant store. The logistics cost cannot be avoided. As for the difference between the high and low, the difference between the regions.

Third, the impact of profits on prices

The display frame manufacturing is always profitable. As for the control range of the display frame price profit, it depends on the attitude of the manufacturer. As a labor-intensive industry, the production of large-volume production display stands generally has lower profits, and if it is a single production, its profits will be large.

Fourth, the impact of customization on prices

Some customers because their products are designed and produced by themselves, different from most products on the market, and there are great differences between different brands of products, so the display racks are tailor-made for customers, and many have Experienced designers, and structural designers, also have to cut different molds during production, which in turn adds some cost. If it is not tailored, it will be cheaper to buy a market-oriented display rack.

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