• Acrylic Display Stand Is One Good Helper To Promotion Your Products

    Acrylic display stand have beautiful appearance, solid structure, free assembly and disassembly quick and easy transportation. And the exquisite acrylic displays stand are elegant in style and good decorative effect. Acrylic displays play an extraordinary charm for products due to its own many advantages.

    2015/08/05 cropsong 53

  • New Mold Build Acrylic Fashion Sense

    In manual and laser cutting, the mold has become a process of acrylic material of choice. Thalé Blanc designer Debora Sawaf said: . " Laser cutting and mold have precise memories of the way but use different parts of the cutting of handbags down and then cut from the acrylic plate bonded into handbags, handbags after a certain time will certainly fall apart because acrylic plastic, it will naturally be affected by the ambient temperature, but using a mold would not have such problems."

    2015/06/16 cropsong 32

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